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An open-source MDAO framework written in Python.



OpenMDAO has extensive documentation. We also provide a lot of tutorial examples to make things as easy as possible.

OpenMDAO 1.0 Alpha

Check out the OpenMDAO 1.0 Alpha Documentation online, or make your own local version:

  1. cd to the openmdao/docs level of the repository,
  2. issue the command make html which will build the docs
  3. then open openmdao/docs/_build/html/index.html in your browser
  4. navigate docs as usual

OpenMDAO Legacy Versions

If you’re using an older version of OpenMDAO (v. 0.13.0 or older) you can find archival docs paired with each version’s download on the Archive page.

Community Support

OpenMDAO 1.0 Alpha

For responsive support of the OpenMDAO 1.0 Alpha, please ask questions at Stack Overflow using the tag “openmdao.”

OpenMDAO Legacy Versions

You can ask your questions about on our legacy versions (0.13.0 and older) at our old OSQA support forum. Though development on these versions of the framework have ceased, we will still try to answer questions.

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