Source code for openmdao.gui.handlers

from tornado.web import RequestHandler, StaticFileHandler
from openmdao.gui.session import TornadoSession
import threading
import os
import sys
import re
import openmdao.main
from openmdao.main.rbac import Credentials
from openmdao.main.plugin import find_docs_url
from openmdao.util.fileutil import get_ancestor_dir

[docs]class ReqHandler(RequestHandler): ''' Override the get_current_user() method in request handlers to determine the current user based on the value of a cookie. '''
[docs] def initialize(self): self.session = TornadoSession(self.application.session_manager, self)
[docs] def get_sessionid(self): return self.session.session_id
[docs] def get_current_user(self): return self.get_secure_cookie('user')
[docs] def get_server(self): return self.application.server_manager.server(self.get_sessionid())
[docs] def delete_server(self): self.application.server_manager.delete_server(self.get_sessionid())
[docs] def get_project_dir(self): return self.application.project_dir
[docs]class LoginHandler(ReqHandler): ''' Currently we support a single user, the current user. This hook is for potential future development using Credentials. '''
[docs] def get(self): # single user scenario, auto-login based on username server_creds = Credentials() print "server_creds:\n", server_creds self.set_secure_cookie('user', server_creds.user) self.redirect('/')
[docs] def post(self): server_creds = Credentials() print 'server creds:\n', server_creds # single user... only allow same user@host as the server to log in allowed_users = {server_creds.user: server_creds.public_key} encoded = self.get_argument('encoded') client_creds = Credentials.verify(encoded, allowed_users) print 'client creds:\n', client_creds if client_creds: self.set_secure_cookie('user', client_creds.user) self.redirect('/')
[docs]class LogoutHandler(ReqHandler): ''' Lets users log out of the application simply by deleting the nickname cookie. '''
[docs] def get(self): self.clear_cookie('user') self.redirect('/')
[docs] def post(self): self.clear_cookie('user') self.redirect('/')
[docs]class ExitHandler(ReqHandler): ''' Shut it down; try to close the browser window. '''
[docs] def get(self): self.application.exit() self.render('closewindow.html')
[docs]class PluginDocsHandler(StaticFileHandler): ''' Retrieve docs for a plugin. ''' _plugin_map = {} _plugin_lock = threading.Lock() regex = re.compile("site-packages/openmdao.main.+\.egg") def _cname_valid(self, name): # TODO: use regex to check form of cname (must be dotted module path) return True
[docs] def initialize(self, route): rpath = self.request.path[len(route):].strip('/') parts = rpath.split('/', 1) self.cname = parts[0] + os.sep self.added = '' if len(parts) == 1: with self._plugin_lock: if self._cname_valid(parts[0]) and parts[0] not in self._plugin_map: url = find_docs_url(parts[0], build_if_needed=False) #Remove "file://" from URL url = url[7:] if self.cname.startswith('openmdao.'): if( # url points to docs in a release version, so use docs packaged with openmdao.main root = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(openmdao.main.__file__), "docs") else: # url points to docs in a developer version, so use locally built docs root = os.path.join(get_ancestor_dir(sys.executable, 3), 'docs', '_build', 'html') self.added = os.path.dirname(url)[len(root) + 1:] else: root = os.path.dirname(url) default = os.path.basename(url) self._plugin_map[parts[0]] = (root, default, self.added) root, default, self.added = self._plugin_map[parts[0]] super(PluginDocsHandler, self).initialize(root, default)
[docs] def get(self, path, include_body=True): # Note, don't want to lower-case our URL # However, we do want to replace any MS-DOS slashes. if os.path.sep != "/": path = path.replace("/", os.path.sep) if path + os.sep == self.cname: self.redirect(os.path.join('/docs', 'plugins', self.cname, self.default_filename)) elif path.startswith(self.cname): super(PluginDocsHandler, self).get(os.path.join(self.added, path[len(self.cname):]), include_body) else: super(PluginDocsHandler, self).get(path, include_body)
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