Source code for openmdao.lib.differentiators.fd_helper

""" Object that can take a subsection of a model and perform finite difference
on it."""

#import cPickle
#import StringIO
from copy import deepcopy

# pylint: disable-msg=E0611,F0401
from openmdao.lib.casehandlers.api import ListCaseRecorder
from openmdao.lib.drivers.distributioncasedriver import \
         DistributionCaseDriver, FiniteDifferenceGenerator

[docs]class FDhelper(object): ''' An object that takes a subsection of a model and performs a finite difference. The cases are run with a point distribution generator. Thus, we can take advantage of multiprocessing if it is available. ''' def __init__(self, model, comps, wrt, outs, stepsize=1.0e-6, order=1, form='CENTRAL'): ''' Takes a model and a list of component names in that model. The model is deepcopied to create a copy. All but the needed comps are removed from the model. model: Assembly Parent assembly of the components we want to finite difference. comps: list( string ) List of component names that we want to finite difference as a group. wrt: list( string ) List of variable paths to use as finite difference inputs. outs: list( string ) List of variable paths to return as outputs. stepsize: float Default stepsize to use. order: int Finite Difference order. Only first order is supported right now. form: string Choose from 'CENTRAL', 'FORWARD', and "BACKWARD'. Default is central differencing. ''' # Copy model. We need to null out the reference to the parent before # we copy. save_parent = model.parent model.parent = None try: self.model = deepcopy(model) finally: model.parent = save_parent # Get rid of the comps we don't need for item in self.model.list_containers(): if item not in comps + ['driver']: self.model.remove(item) # Remove all connections to the assembly boundary bdy_inputs = self.model.list_inputs() bdy_outputs = self.model.list_outputs() for conn in self.model.list_connections(): if conn[0] in bdy_inputs or conn[1] in bdy_outputs: self.model.disconnect(conn[0], conn[1]) # Distribution driver to drive the finite difference calculation self.model.add('driver', DistributionCaseDriver()) gen = FiniteDifferenceGenerator(self.model.driver) self.model.driver.distribution_generator = gen self.model.driver.workflow.add(comps) for item in wrt: self.model.driver.add_parameter(item, low=-1e99, high=1e99, fd_step=stepsize) self.model.driver.case_outputs = outs self.model.driver.ffd_order = 1 gen.num_parameters = len(wrt) gen.form = form gen.order = order # Save a reference to the original model so that we can increment the # execution counter as needed. self.copy_source = model # All execution counts should be reset to zero. for comp in self.model.driver.workflow.__iter__(): comp.exec_count = 0 comp.derivative_exec_count = 0
[docs] def run(self, input_dict, output_dict): """ Performs finite difference of our submodel with respect to wrt. Variables are intialized with init_vals. input_dict: dict( string : value ) Dictionary of baseline values for input paramters. input_dict: dict( string : value ) Dictionary of baseline values for desired outputs. """ # Set all initial values for varname, value in input_dict.iteritems(): self.model.set(varname, value) self.model.driver.recorders = [ListCaseRecorder()] if self.model.driver.distribution_generator.form != 'CENTRAL': self.model.driver.distribution_generator.skip_baseline = True # Calculate finite differences. # FFAD mode is supported. self.model.driver.calc_derivatives(first=True) # Return all needed derivatives cases = self.model.driver.recorders[0].cases icase = 0 derivs = {} for out in self.model.driver.case_outputs: derivs[out] = {} for wrt, val in self.model.driver.get_parameters().iteritems(): if self.model.driver.distribution_generator.form == 'CENTRAL': delx = cases[icase][wrt] - cases[icase+1][wrt] for out in self.model.driver.case_outputs: derivs[out][wrt] = \ (cases[icase][out] - cases[icase+1][out])/delx icase += 2 else: delx = cases[icase][wrt] - input_dict[wrt] for out in self.model.driver.case_outputs: derivs[out][wrt] = \ (cases[icase][out] - output_dict[out])/delx icase += 1 # Add the execution count from the copies to the originals. for comp in self.model.driver.workflow.__iter__(): source_comp = self.copy_source.get( source_comp.exec_count += comp.exec_count comp.exec_count = 0 source_comp.derivative_exec_count += comp.derivative_exec_count comp.derivative_exec_count = 0 return derivs
[docs] def list_wrt(self): """ Returns a list of variable paths that we are differencing with respect to. """ return self.model.driver.get_parameters().keys()
[docs] def list_outs(self): """ Returns a list of variable paths that we are differencing. """ return self.model.driver.case_outputs
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