Source code for openmdao.lib.drivers.distributioncasedriver

   ```` -- Driver that executes
          cases for distributions of points
          in the neighborhood of a given point.

# pylint: disable-msg=E0611,F0401,E1101

from zope.interface import Attribute, Interface

# E0611 - name cannot be found in a module
# F0401 - Unable to import module
# E1101 - Used when a variable is accessed for an unexistent member
from openmdao.main.numpy_fallback import zeros

from openmdao.lib.datatypes.api import List, Str, Slot, Int, Enum, Bool
from openmdao.lib.drivers.caseiterdriver import CaseIterDriverBase
from openmdao.main.api import Container
from import Case
from openmdao.util.decorators import add_delegate
from openmdao.main.hasparameters import HasParameters
from openmdao.main.interfaces import implements, IHasParameters

class IDistributionGenerator(Interface):
    """An iterator that returns lists of input
    values that are mapped from a single design
    point via some point distribution.

    num_parameters = Attribute("number of parameters")

    def __iter__():
        """Return an iterator object where each iteration returns
        a set of values.

[docs]class FiniteDifferenceGenerator(Container): """ Generate the input cases for finite differences. """ implements(IDistributionGenerator) num_parameters = Int(2, desc="Number of parameters, or dimensions") order = Int(1, desc="Order of the finite differences") form = Enum("CENTRAL", ["CENTRAL", "FORWARD", "BACKWARD"], desc="Form of finite difference used") skip_baseline = Bool(False, desc="Set to True to skip running the baseline case.") def __init__(self, driver): super(FiniteDifferenceGenerator, self).__init__() self.driver = driver def __iter__(self): """Return an iterator over our sets of input values.""" return self._get_input_values() def _get_input_values(self): '''Generator for the values''' params = self.driver.get_parameters().values() baseline = zeros(self.num_parameters, 'd') delta = zeros(self.num_parameters, 'd') mask = zeros(self.num_parameters, 'd') for i, param in enumerate(params): baseline[i] = param.evaluate() delta[i] = param.fd_step # baseline case if not self.skip_baseline: if not (self.form == "CENTRAL" and self.order % 2 == 1): yield baseline if self.form == "FORWARD": offset = 1 elif self.form == "BACKWARD": offset = - self.order elif self.form == "CENTRAL": if self.order % 2 == 1: offset = (0.5 - self.order) else: offset = 1 - self.order # non-baseline cases for forward and backward if self.form in ["BACKWARD", "FORWARD"]: for iparam in range(self.num_parameters): mask[iparam] = 1.0 for i in range(self.order): var_val = baseline + (offset + i) * delta * mask yield var_val mask[iparam] = 0.0 else: # for central form for iparam in range(self.num_parameters): mask[iparam] = 1.0 if self.order % 2 == 1: for i in range(self.order + 1): var_val = baseline + (offset + i) * delta * mask yield var_val else: for i in range(self.order + 1): if (offset + i) != 0: var_val = baseline + (offset + i) * delta * mask yield var_val mask[iparam] = 0.0
[docs]class DistributionCaseDriver(CaseIterDriverBase): """ Driver for evaluating models at point distributions. """ implements(IHasParameters) distribution_generator = Slot(IDistributionGenerator, iotype='in', required=True, desc='Iterator supplying values of point distribitions.') case_outputs = List(Str, iotype='in', desc='A list of outputs to be saved with each case.')
[docs] def get_case_iterator(self): """Returns a new iterator over the Case set.""" return self._get_cases()
def _get_cases(self): """Iterator over the cases""" params = self.get_parameters().values() self.distribution_generator.num_parameters = len(params) for row in self.distribution_generator: case = self.set_parameters(row, Case(parent_uuid=self._case_id)) case.add_outputs(self.case_outputs) yield case
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