Source code for openmdao.lib.doegenerators.csvfile

import csv

from openmdao.lib.datatypes.api import Int, Str
from openmdao.main.interfaces import implements, IDOEgenerator
from openmdao.main.api import Container

[docs]class CSVFile(Container): """ DOEgenerator that returns rows in a CSV file. Plugs into the DOEgenerator socket on a DOEdriver. """ implements(IDOEgenerator) num_parameters = Int(0, iotype='in', desc='Expected number of parameters in the DOE') doe_filename = Str('', iotype='in', desc='Name of CSV file.') def __init__(self, doe_filename='doe_inputs.csv', *args, **kwargs): super(CSVFile, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.doe_filename = doe_filename def __iter__(self): """ Return an iterator over our sets of input values. """ return self._next_row() def _next_row(self): """ Generate float values from CSV file. """ inp = open(self.doe_filename, 'rb') num_params = self.num_parameters for i, row in enumerate(csv.reader(inp)): if len(row) != num_params: raise RuntimeError('%s line %d: expected %d parameters, got %d' % (self.doe_filename. i + 1, num_params, len(row))) yield [float(val) for val in row]
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