Source code for openmdao.lib.components.geomcomp

from openmdao.main.component import Component
from openmdao.main.container import Container
from openmdao.main.interfaces import IParametricGeometry
from openmdao.main.datatypes.api import Slot
from openmdao.util.log import logger
from openmdao.main.datatypes.api import Float, Int, Str, Python

_ttdict = {
    float: Float,
    int: Int,
    long: Int,
    str: Str,
    unicode: Str,

class GeomComponent(Component):
[docs] # pylint: disable-msg=E1101 parametric_geometry = Slot(IParametricGeometry, allow_none=True, desc='Slot for a parametric geometry.') def __init__(self): super(GeomComponent, self).__init__() self._class_names = set(self.traits().keys()) self._input_var_names = None self._output_var_names = None def _parametric_geometry_changed(self, old, new): """Called whenever the parametric geometry is set. """ self._update_iovar_set() if new is not None: if isinstance(new, Container): new.parent = self = 'parametric_geometry' new.register_param_list_changedCB(self._model_updated) def _model_updated(self): """Should be called by the parametric_geometry object whenever the list of parameters changes, so that we can update our list of inputs and outputs. """ self._update_iovar_set() self._update_comp_outputs() def execute(self):
[docs] """Rebuild the geometry using the current set of parameters. """ if self.parametric_geometry is not None: self.parametric_geometry.regenModel() self._update_comp_outputs() def _update_comp_outputs(self):
"""Set the values of the component outputs based on their corresponding values in the geometry. """ if self._output_var_names is not None: for name in self._output_var_names: out = self.parametric_geometry.getParameter(name) setattr(self, name, out) def _update_iovar_set(self): """Determine the set of input and output variables for the current parametric geometry. """ old_in = set() if self._input_var_names is not None: old_in.update(self._input_var_names) old_out = set() if self._output_var_names is not None: old_out.update(self._output_var_names) self._input_var_names = None self._output_var_names = None new_in = set(self.input_var_names()) new_out = set(self.output_var_names()) added_outs = new_out - old_out added_ins = new_in - old_in removed_outs = old_out - new_out removed_ins = old_in - new_in for name in removed_ins: self._remove_var(name) for name in added_ins: self._add_input(name) for name in removed_outs: self._remove_var(name) for name in added_outs: self._add_output(name) def _add_input(self, name): """Adds the specified input variable.""" val = self.parametric_geometry.getParameter(name) typ = _ttdict.get(type(val)) if typ is None: typ = Python # FIXME self.add_trait(name, typ(val, iotype='in')) setattr(self, name, val) def _add_output(self, name): """Adds the specified output variable.""" val = self.parametric_geometry.getParameter(name) typ = _ttdict.get(type(val)) if typ is None: typ = Python # FIXME self.add_trait(name, typ(val, iotype='out')) def _remove_var(self, name): """Removes the specified variable.""" if self.parent: self.parent.disconnect('.'.join([, name])) self.remove_trait(name) def _update_io_names(self): if self.parametric_geometry: params = self.parametric_geometry.listParameters() inter = self._class_names.intersection([p[0] for p in params]) if inter: logger.warning("the following variables already exist in " "GeomComponent and will be ignored: %s" % list(inter)) params = [p for p in params if self._eligible(p[0]) and p[0] not in self._class_names] self._input_var_names = set([p[0] for p in params if p[1]['iotype']=='in']) self._output_var_names = set([p[0] for p in params if p[1]['iotype']=='out']) else: self._input_var_names = set() self._output_var_names = set() def input_var_names(self):
[docs] """Return the list of names of public inputs that correspond to model inputs. """ if self._input_var_names is None: self._update_io_names() return self._input_var_names def output_var_names(self):
[docs] """Return the list of names of public outputs that correspond to model outputs. """ if self._output_var_names is None: self._update_io_names() return self._output_var_names def _eligible(self, name):
"""Return True if the named trait is not excluded from the public interface based on the includes and excludes lists. """ if name in self._class_names: return False # if self.includes and name not in self.includes: # return False # elif self.excludes and name in self.excludes: # return False return True def _input_updated(self, name): if self.parametric_geometry is not None and name in self.input_var_names(): self.parametric_geometry.setParameter(name, getattr(self, name)) super(GeomComponent, self)._input_updated(name)
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