Source code for openmdao.lib.components.broadcaster

from openmdao.lib.datatypes.api import List, Str, Float, Dict

from openmdao.main.api import Component

[docs]class Broadcaster(Component): """Takes inputs and passes them directly to outputs to be broadcast out to other components.""" names = List(Str, iotype="in", desc="Names of the variables you want to broadcast from this component.") types = Dict({'default': Float}, iotype="in", desc="Name/type pairs describing the variable types of each broadcast variable; " "'default' name is used if no other type is set explicitly.") def __init__(self, names, types=None): """names: ListSrt, list of the variable names you would like the broadcaster to create for you. All inputs will be named with an '_in' added. Outputs will follow the name given. types: Dict, dictionary of the name/type pairs describing which types you would like to broadcast. If given, the name 'default' indicates the default variable type to use.""" super(Broadcaster, self).__init__() self._vars = [] if types is not None: self.types = types self.names = names def _types_changed(self, old, new): if self.names: self._names_changed(self.names, self.names) #code to create inputs and outputs when names is changed def _names_changed(self, old, new): for in_var, out_var in self._vars: if self.parent: self.parent.disconnect('.'.join([, in_var])) self.parent.disconnect('.'.join([, out_var])) self.remove_trait(in_var) self.remove_trait(out_var) self._vars = [] for name in new: if name in self.types: traits = self.types[name] elif 'default' in self.types: traits = self.types['default'] else: self.raise_exception('No type was provided for "%s" and no "default" type was provided. ' 'Specify at least one of these.' % name, ValueError) in_var = "%s_in" % name out_var = name self.add_trait(in_var, Float(iotype="in", low=-9e99, high=9e99)) self.add_trait(out_var, Float(iotype="out")) self._vars.append((in_var, out_var))
[docs] def execute(self, *args, **kwargs): for in_var, out_var in self._vars: setattr(self, out_var, getattr(self, in_var))
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