Source code for openmdao.lib.casehandlers.dumpcase

import cStringIO, StringIO
import sys

from openmdao.main.interfaces import implements, ICaseRecorder

[docs]class DumpCaseRecorder(object): """Dumps cases in a "pretty" form to a file-like object called "out" (defaults to ``sys.stdout``). If out is None, cases will be ignored. """ implements(ICaseRecorder) def __init__(self, out=sys.stdout): self.out = out
[docs] def startup(self): """ Nothing needed for a dumpcase.""" pass
[docs] def record(self, case): """Dump the given Case in a "pretty" form.""" if self.out: # if self.out is None, just do nothing self.out.write(str(case))
[docs] def close(self): """Closes `out` unless it's ``sys.stdout`` or ``sys.stderr``. Note that a closed recorder will do nothing in :meth:`record`.""" if self.out is not None and self.out is not sys.stdout \ and self.out is not sys.stderr: if not isinstance(self.out, (StringIO.StringIO, cStringIO.OutputType)): # Closing a StringIO deletes its contents. self.out.close() self.out = None
[docs] def get_attributes(self, io_only=True): """ We need a custom get_attributes because we aren't using Traits to manage our changeable settings. This is unfortunate and should be changed to something that automates this somehow.""" attrs = {} attrs['type'] = type(self).__name__ return attrs
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