Executing a Component in the Python ShellΒΆ

The Python implementations of the three component models (engine.py, transmission.py, chassis.py) should all make sense now. This section will demonstrate how to instantiate and use these components in the Python shell. Make sure that you have activated your Python environment before running the Python interpreter so that you can access OpenMDAO and the example problems.

Please enter the Python shell. Create an instance of the Engine class by typing the following:

>>> from openmdao.examples.enginedesign.engine import Engine
>>> my_engine = Engine()

The object my_engine is an engine model with default values for all of its inputs. We can interact with the inputs and outputs by direct inspection:

>>> my_engine.bore

Let’s change the engine speed from its default value (1000 RPM) to 2500 RPM.

>>> my_engine.RPM = 2500
>>> my_engine.RPM

The value of the engine RPM is now 2500. Let’s see what happens if we try to set the RPM to something invalid.

>>> my_engine.RPM = "Hello"
Traceback (most recent call last):
ValueError: Variable 'RPM' must be a float having units compatible with 'rpm' but a value of Hello <type 'str'> was specified.

The value "Hello" is invalid because RPM expects a value of type Float. Now, let’s try setting the throttle to a value that exceeds the maximum.

>>> my_engine.throttle = 2.0
Traceback (most recent call last):
ValueError: Variable 'throttle' must be a float in the range [0.01, 1.0] but a value of 2.0 <type 'float'> was specified.

OpenMDAO raises an exception indicating that the maximum value for throttle has been violated. This exception can be handled to provide some logical response to this situation. Now, run the engine and examine the power and torque at 2500 RPM.

>>> my_engine.run()
>>> my_engine.torque
>>> my_engine.power

You run a component by calling the run method. If you recall, you define an execute method when you create a component. The run method calls execute but also does some other things. Always run your component with run.

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