Source code for openmdao.main.variable

""" Base class for all OpenMDAO variables

#public symbols
__all__ = ["Variable", "gui_excludes"]

import re

from enthought.traits.api import TraitType
from enthought.traits.trait_handlers import NoDefaultSpecified
from openmdao.main.interfaces import implements, IVariable

# regex to check for valid names. 
namecheck_rgx = re.compile(
gui_excludes = ['type', 'vartypename', 'iotype', 'copy']
def is_legal_name(name):
    '''Verifies a Pythonic legal name for use as an OpenMDAO variable.'''
    match = namecheck_rgx.match(name)
    return not (match is None or != name)

[docs]class Variable(TraitType): """An OpenMDAO-specific trait type that serves as a common base class for framework visible inputs and outputs. """ implements(IVariable) def __init__ ( self, default_value = NoDefaultSpecified, **metadata ): if 'vartypename' not in metadata: metadata['vartypename'] = self.__class__.__name__ super(Variable, self).__init__(default_value=default_value, **metadata)
[docs] def get_attribute(self, name, value, trait, meta): """Return the attribute dictionary for this variable. This dict is used by the GUI to populate the edit UI. The basic functionality that most variables need is provided here; you can overload this for special cases, like lists and dictionaries, or custom datatypes. name: str Name of variable value: object The value of the variable trait: CTrait The variable's trait meta: dict Dictionary of metadata for this variable """ attr = {} attr['name'] = name attr['type'] = type(value).__name__ attr['value'] = value for field in meta: if field not in gui_excludes: attr[field] = meta[field] return attr, None
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