Source code for openmdao.main.pkg_res_factory

import logging
import copy
import os.path

# these fail to find pkg_resources when run from pylint
# pylint: disable-msg=F0401
import pkg_resources
from pkg_resources import get_entry_map, get_distribution, working_set
from pkg_resources import Environment, WorkingSet, Requirement, DistributionNotFound
from openmdao.main.factory import Factory
from openmdao.util.dep import plugin_groups, find_module, PythonSourceTreeAnalyser
class PkgResourcesFactory(Factory):
[docs] """A Factory that loads plugins using the pkg_resources API, which means it searches through egg info of distributions in order to find any entry point groups corresponding to openmdao plugin types, e.g., openmdao.component, openmdao.variable, etc. """ def __init__(self, groups=plugin_groups.keys(), search_path=None): super(PkgResourcesFactory, self).__init__() self._have_new_types = True self._groups = copy.copy(groups) self._search_path = search_path self.env = Environment(search_path) self.tree_analyser = PythonSourceTreeAnalyser() def create(self, typ, version=None, server=None,
[docs] res_desc=None, **ctor_args): """Create and return an object of the given type, with optional name, version, server id, and resource description. """ if server is not None or res_desc is not None: return None classes = self._get_type_dict() try: lst = classes[typ] dist = lst[0] groups = lst[1] klass = dist.load_entry_point(groups[0], typ) if version is not None and dist.version != version: return None return klass(**ctor_args) except KeyError: if self._search_path is None: return None # try to look in the whole environment for group in self._groups: for proj in self.env: for dist in self.env[proj]: if version is not None and version != dist.version: continue ep = dist.get_entry_info(group, typ) if ep is not None: dist.activate() klass = ep.load(require=True, env=self.env) self._have_new_types = True return klass(**ctor_args) if version is None: # newest version didn't have entry point, so skip to next project break return None def _entry_map_info(self, distiter):
dct = {} for group in plugin_groups.keys(): for dist in distiter: for name, value in dist.get_entry_map(group).items(): lst = dct.setdefault(name, (dist, [], set())) lst[1].append(group) lst[2].add(value.module_name) return dct def _get_type_dict(self): if self._have_new_types: self._entry_pt_classes = self._entry_map_info(working_set) return self._entry_pt_classes def _get_meta_info(self, typ_list, groups, typ_dict): distset = set() for name, lst in typ_dict.items(): dist = lst[0] modules = lst[2] distset.add(dist.project_name) ifaces = set() for g in lst[1]: ifaces.update(plugin_groups[g]) meta = { 'version': dist.version, 'ifaces': set(ifaces), } for modname in modules: fpath = find_module(modname) if fpath is not None: fanalyzer = self.tree_analyser.analyze_file(fpath) meta['ifaces'].update(self.tree_analyser.get_interfaces(name)) meta['ifaces'] = list(meta['ifaces']) if groups.intersection(lst[1]): typ_list.append((name, meta)) return distset def get_available_types(self, groups=None):
[docs] """Return a set of tuples of the form (typename, dist_version), one for each available plugin type in the given entry point groups. If groups is None, return the set for all openmdao entry point groups. """ ret = [] if groups is None: groups = plugin_groups.keys() groups = set(groups) typ_dict = self._get_type_dict() distset = self._get_meta_info(ret, groups, typ_dict) if self._search_path is None: # self.env has same contents as working_set, # so don't bother looking through it return ret # now look in the whole Environment dists = [] # we want an iterator of newest dist for each project in Environment for proj in self.env: dist = self.env[proj][0] if dist.project_name not in distset: dists.append(dist) typ_dict = self._entry_map_info(dists) dset = self._get_meta_info(ret, groups, typ_dict) return ret
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