Source code for openmdao.main.index

# some constants used in the get/set downstream protocol
ATTR = 1
CALL = 2

[docs]def process_index_entry(obj, idx): """ Return a new object based on a starting object and some operation indicated by idx that can be either an index into a container, an attribute access, or a fuction call. idx can be non-tuple hashable object, which will be interpreted as an index to a container, or it can be a tuple of the form (operation_id, stuff) where operation_id is as follows (the named constants are defined in INDEX = 0 ATTR = 1 CALL = 2 SLICE = 3 On the off chance that you want to use a tuple as a key into a dict, you'll have to nest your key tuple inside of an INDEX tuple to avoid ambiguity, e.g., (INDEX, my_tuple) The forms of the various tuples are:: INDEX: (0, idx) where idx is some hashable value ATTR: (1, name) where name is the attribute name CALL: (2, args, kwargs) where args is a list of values, and kwargs is a list of tuples of the form (keyword,value). kwargs can be left out if empty. args can be left out if empty as long as kwargs are also empty, for example, (2,) and (2,[],[('foo',1)]) are valid but (2,[('foo',1)]) is not. SLICE: (3, lower, upper, step) All members must be present and should have a value of None if not set. """ if not isinstance(idx, tuple): return obj[idx] if idx[0] == INDEX: return obj[idx[1]] elif idx[0] == ATTR: return getattr(obj, idx[1]) elif idx[0] == CALL: if len(idx) == 1: return obj.__call__() else: args = idx[1] if len(idx) == 3: kwargs = dict(idx[2]) else: kwargs = {} return obj.__call__(*args, **kwargs) elif idx[0] == SLICE: return obj.__getitem__(slice(*idx[1])) raise ValueError("invalid index: %s" % idx)
[docs]def index_retains_metadata(index): fails = (CALL, ATTR) for idx in index: if idx[0] in fails: return False return True
[docs]def get_indexed_value(obj, name, index): if name: obj = getattr(obj, name) if index: for idx in index: obj = process_index_entry(obj, idx) return obj
[docs]def index_to_text(index): """Returns a string representation of the given index. Doesn't work for functions""" if index: parts = [] for idx in index: if not isinstance(idx, tuple): parts.append('[%s]' % idx) elif idx[0] == INDEX: parts.append('[%s]' % idx[1]) elif idx[0] == ATTR: parts.append('.%s' % idx[1]) elif idx[0] == CALL: if len(idx) == 1: parts.append('()') else: raise NotImplementedError('conversion of function calls within an index to text is not supported yet') elif idx[0] == SLICE: s = '[%s:%s:%s]' % tuple(idx[1]) parts.append(s.replace('None', '').replace('::',':')) return ''.join(parts) else: return ''
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