Source code for openmdao.main.hasstopcond

import ordereddict

from openmdao.main.expreval import ExprEvaluator

def _check_expr(expr, scope):
    # force checking for existence of vars referenced in expression
    if not expr.check_resolve():
        msg = "Invalid expression '%s'" % str(expr)
        scope.raise_exception(msg, ValueError)

def _remove_spaces(s):
    return s.translate(None, ' \n\t\r')

class HasStopConditions(object):
[docs] """A delegate that adds handling of stop conditions that are supplied as expression strings. """ def __init__(self, parent): self._parent = parent self._stop_conditions = ordereddict.OrderedDict() def _item_count(self): """This is used by the replace function to determine if a delegate from the target object is 'empty' or not. If it's empty then it's not an error if the replacing object doesn't have this delegate. """ return len(self._stop_conditions) def add_stop_condition(self, exprstr):
[docs] ident = _remove_spaces(exprstr) expr = ExprEvaluator(exprstr, scope=self._parent.parent) _check_expr(expr, self._parent) self._stop_conditions[ident] = expr def remove_stop_condition(self, expr_string):
[docs] """Removes the stop condition matching the given string.""" try: del self._stop_conditions[_remove_spaces(expr_string)] except KeyError: self._parent.raise_exception("Stop condition '%s' was not found. Remove failed." % expr_string, AttributeError) def clear_stop_conditions(self):
[docs] """Removes all stop conditions.""" self._stop_conditions = ordereddict.OrderedDict() def get_stop_conditions(self):
[docs] """Returns a list of stop condition strings.""" return self._stop_conditions.keys() def eval_stop_conditions(self):
[docs] """Returns a list of evaluated stop conditions.""" return [c.evaluate() for c in self._stop_conditions.values()] def should_stop(self):
[docs] """Return True if any of the stopping conditions evaluate to True.""" for cond in self._stop_conditions.values(): if cond.evaluate() and cond.refs_valid(): return True return False def mimic(self, target):
[docs] """Copy stop conditions from the target.""" old_stop_cond = self._stop_conditions self.clear_stop_conditions() try: for exp in target.get_stop_conditions(): self.add_stop_condition(exp) except Exception: self._stop_conditions = old_stop_cond raise
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