Source code for openmdao.main.hasevents

class HasEvents(object): 
[docs] """This class provides an implementation of the IHasEvents interface.""" def __init__(self, parent): self._events = [] self._parent = parent def _item_count(self): """This is used by the replace function to determine if a delegate from the target object is 'empty' or not. If it's empty then it's not an error if the replacing object doesn't have this delegate. """ return len(self._events) def add_event(self, name):
[docs] """Adds an event variable to be set by the driver. name: string Name of the event variable the driver should set during execution. """ if name in self._events: self._parent.raise_exception("Trying to add event '%s' to driver, " "but it's already there" % name, AttributeError) # this is the easiest way to check for existence of an Event. # if the named event trait doesn't exist, the call to get_metadata will # raise an exception try: typ = self._parent.parent.get_metadata(name, 'type') except AttributeError: self._parent.raise_exception("Can't add event '%s' because it doesn't exist" % (name), AttributeError) if typ != 'event': self._parent.raise_exception("'%s' is not an event" % name, TypeError) self._events.append(name) def remove_event(self, name):
[docs] """Remove the name of the specified event variable from the driver's list of event variables to be set during execution. """ try: self._events.remove(name) except ValueError: self._parent.raise_exception("Trying to remove event '%s' " "that is not in the driver." % name, AttributeError) def get_events(self):
[docs] """Return the list of event variables to be set by this driver.""" return self._events def clear_events(self):
[docs] """Remove all event variables from the driver's list.""" self._events = [] def set_events(self):
[docs] """Set all events in the event list.""" scope = self._parent.parent for event in self._events: scope.set(event, True) def mimic(self, target):
[docs] """Mimic the target HasEvents by copying its event list.""" self.clear_events() self._events = target.get_events()[:]
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