Source code for openmdao.main.factorymanager

Manages the creation of framework objects, either locally or remotely.

#public symbols
__all__ = [ "create", "register_class_factory", "get_available_types" ]

import os
import threading

from pkg_resources import parse_version

from openmdao.main.importfactory import ImportFactory
from openmdao.main.pkg_res_factory import PkgResourcesFactory, plugin_groups
from openmdao.util.log import logger

_factories = []
_factory_lock = threading.Lock()
typeset = set()  # set of all types that have been created

def create(typname, version=None, server=None, res_desc=None, **ctor_args):
[docs] """Create and return an object specified by the given type, version, etc. """ obj = None msgs = [] for fct in _factories: try: obj = fct.create(typname, version, server, res_desc, **ctor_args) except Exception as err: if str(err) not in msgs: msgs.append(str(err)) if obj is not None: break if obj: typeset.add(typname) return obj if msgs: msg = ': '+'\n'.join(msgs) else: msg = '' raise NameError("unable to create object of type '"+typname+"'"+msg) def register_class_factory(factory):
[docs] """Add a Factory to the factory list.""" global _factories with _factory_lock: if factory not in _factories:"adding new factory: %s" % factory) _factories.append(factory) def remove_class_factory(factory):
"""Remove a Factory from the factory list.""" global _factories with _factory_lock: for fct in _factories: if fct is factory: if hasattr(factory, 'cleanup'): factory.cleanup()"removing factory: %s" % factory) _factories.remove(factory) return def _cmp(tup1, tup2): s1 = tup1[0].lower() s2 = tup2[0].lower() if s1 < s2: return -1 elif s1 > s2: return 1 else: # s1 == s2 return cmp(parse_version(tup1[1].get('version','')), parse_version(tup2[1].get('version',''))) def get_available_types(groups=None):
[docs] """Return a set of tuples of the form (typename, dist_version), one for each available plugin type in the given entry point groups. If groups is None, return the set for all openmdao entry point groups. """ if groups is None: groups = plugin_groups.keys() else: badgroups = [] for group in groups: if group not in plugin_groups: badgroups.append(group) if badgroups: raise RuntimeError("Didn't recognize the following entry point groups: %s. Allowed groups are: %s" % (badgroups, plugin_groups.keys())) types = [] for fct in _factories: types.extend(fct.get_available_types(groups)) return sorted(types, _cmp) # register factory that loads plugins via pkg_resources register_class_factory(PkgResourcesFactory())
# register factory for simple imports register_class_factory(ImportFactory())
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