Source code for openmdao.main.factory

#public symbols
__all__ = ["Factory"]

class Factory(object):
[docs] """Base class for objects that know how to create other objects based on a type argument and several optional arguments (version, server id, and resource description). """ def __init__(self): pass def create(self, typname, version=None, server=None,
[docs] res_desc=None, **ctor_args): """Return an object of type *typename,* using the specified package version, server location, and resource description. """ raise NotImplementedError('create') def get_available_types(self, groups=None):
[docs] """Return a set of tuples of the form (typename, metadata_dict), one for each available plugin type in the given entry point groups. If groups is *None,* return the set for all openmdao entry point groups. """ raise NotImplementedError('get_available_types')
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