Source code for openmdao.main.exceptions

Exception classes for OpenMDAO.

import traceback

[docs]class ConstraintError(ValueError): """Raised when a constraint is violated.""" pass
[docs]class CircularDependencyError(RuntimeError): """Raised when a circular dependency occurs.""" pass
[docs]class RunInterrupted(RuntimeError): """Raised when *run()* was interrupted, implying an inconsistent state.""" pass
[docs]class RunStopped(RuntimeError): """Raised when *run()* was stopped, implying a consistent state but not necessarily reflecting input values.""" pass
[docs]class TracedError(Exception): """An exception that encapsulates another exception and its traceback.""" def __init__(self, orig_exc, tback): self.traceback = tback.strip() self.orig_exc = orig_exc def __str__(self): return str(self.orig_exc) def __repr__(self): return "%s%s" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.args)
[docs] def reraise(self, with_traceback=True): if with_traceback: raise self.orig_exc.__class__(self.traceback) else: raise self.orig_exc
[docs]def traceback_str(exc): """Call this to get the traceback string associated with the given exception. Returns the exception string if there is no traceback. """ try: return exc.traceback except AttributeError: return str(exc)
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