Source code for openmdao.main.eggchecker

import os.path
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import time

from openmdao.main.component import Component
from openmdao.main.container import get_default_name
from openmdao.util.log import LOG_DEBUG
from openmdao.util.eggsaver import SAVE_CPICKLE
from openmdao.util.testutil import find_python

__all__ = ('check_save_load',)

[docs]def check_save_load(comp, py_dir=None, test_dir='test_dir', cleanup=True, logfile=None): """Convenience routine to check that saving & reloading `comp` works. comp: Component The component to check. py_dir: string or None The directory in which to find local Python modules. test_dir: string Name of a scratch directory to unpack in. cleanup: bool If True, the scratch directory will be removed after the test. logfile: string or None Name of file for logging progress. Creates an egg in the current directory, unpacks it in `test_dir` via a separate process, and then loads and runs the component in another subprocess. Returns the first non-zero subprocess exit code, or zero if everything succeeded. """ assert isinstance(comp, Component) old_level = comp.log_level comp.log_level = LOG_DEBUG name = or get_default_name(comp, comp.parent) start = time.time() egg_info = comp.save_to_egg(name, 'CSL.1', py_dir=py_dir) egg_name = egg_info[0] elapsed = time.time() - start size = os.path.getsize(egg_name) print '\nSaved %d bytes in %.2f seconds (%.2f bytes/sec)' % \ (size, elapsed, size/elapsed) orig_dir = os.getcwd() if os.path.exists(test_dir): shutil.rmtree(test_dir) os.mkdir(test_dir) os.chdir(test_dir) egg_path = os.path.join('..', egg_name) try: print '\nUnpacking %s in subprocess...' % egg_name if logfile: stdout = open(logfile, 'w') else: stdout = None stderr = subprocess.STDOUT python = find_python() print ' python:', python unpacker = '' out = open(unpacker, 'w') out.write("""\ from openmdao.main.api import Component Component.load_from_eggfile(r'%s') """ % egg_path) out.close() args = [python, unpacker] retcode =, env=os.environ, stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr) print ' retcode', retcode if retcode == 0: print '\nRunning in subprocess...' os.chdir(name) retcode =[python, name+''], stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr) print ' retcode', retcode if logfile: stdout.close() finally: os.chdir(orig_dir) comp.log_level = old_level if cleanup: os.remove(egg_name) shutil.rmtree(test_dir) return retcode
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