Source code for openmdao.main.driver_uses_derivatives

""" A driver with derivatives. Derived from Driver. Inherit from this
    if your driver requires gradients or Hessians.
    From a driver's perspective, derivatives are needed from its parameters
    to its objective(s) and constraints.

# pylint: disable-msg=E0611,F0401
from openmdao.main.datatypes.api import Slot
from openmdao.main.interfaces import IDifferentiator
from openmdao.main.driver import Driver

[docs]class DriverUsesDerivatives(Driver): """This class provides an implementation of the derivatives delegates.""" differentiator = Slot(IDifferentiator, iotype='in', desc = "Slot for a differentiator") def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(DriverUsesDerivatives, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) # These flags tell whether to check for missing derivatives during # check_config. Default as stated. self.uses_gradients = True self.uses_Hessians = False def _differentiator_changed(self, old, new): """When a new differentiator is slotted, give it a handle to the parent.""" if self.differentiator is not None: self.differentiator._parent = self def _list_driver_connections(self): """Return a list of inputs and a list of outputs that are referenced by any existing driver Expreval.""" # for collecting a unique set of referenced varnames from objectives # and constraints varset = set() # Objective expressions can contain inputs. These do not need to # be checked, because: # -- if they are physically connected to another comp, they will be # checked regardless (through fake finite difference or alternative # means) # -- if they are not connected, their derivative is always 0 for delegate in ['_hasobjective', '_hasobjectives']: if hasattr(self, delegate): obj = getattr(self, delegate) varset.update(obj.get_referenced_varpaths()) # Constraints can also introduce additional connections. for delegate in ['_hasineqconstraints', '_haseqconstraints', '_hasconstraints']: if hasattr(self, delegate): constraints = getattr(self, delegate) varset.update(constraints.get_referenced_varpaths()) get_metadata = self.parent.get_metadata # Parameters are all inputs. driver_inputs = self.get_parameters().keys() driver_outputs = [vname for vname in varset if get_metadata(vname, 'iotype')=='out'] return driver_inputs, list(driver_outputs)
[docs] def check_config (self): """Verify that our workflow is able to resolve all of its components.""" super(DriverUsesDerivatives, self).check_config() if self.uses_gradients: self.check_gradients() if self.uses_Hessians: self.check_hessians()
[docs] def check_gradients(self): """Run check_derivatives on our workflow.""" driver_inputs, driver_outputs = self._list_driver_connections() self.workflow.check_derivatives(1, driver_inputs, driver_outputs)
[docs] def check_hessians(self): """Run check_derivatives on our workflow.""" driver_inputs, driver_outputs = self._list_driver_connections() self.workflow.check_derivatives(2, driver_inputs, driver_outputs)
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