Source code for openmdao.main.cli

"""OpenMDAO Command Line Interface stuff."""

import os
import sys
import webbrowser
from ConfigParser import SafeConfigParser
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from subprocess import call, check_call

from openmdao.main.plugin import plugin_docs, plugin_build_docs, print_sub_help
from openmdao.test.testing import read_config, filter_config, run_openmdao_suite
from openmdao.util.fileutil import get_cfg_file

[docs]def list_testhosts(parser, options, args=None): if args: print_sub_help(parser, 'list_testhosts') return -1 hostlist, config = read_config(options) for host in filter_config(hostlist, config, options): plat = config.get(host, 'platform') py = config.get(host, 'py') print host.ljust(30), plat.ljust(10), py
[docs]def test_openmdao(parser, options, args): # nosetests uses sys.argv for its usage message when the user passes a -h # arg, regardless of what args we pass to it, so if we see -h in sys.args, # change the first entry in sys.argv to 'openmdao test'. Otherwise, usage message # will be 'openmdao [options]' instead of 'openmdao test [options]' if '-h' in sys.argv or '--help' in sys.argv: sys.argv[0] = 'openmdao test' run_openmdao_suite(sys.argv[1:])
[docs]def openmdao_docs(parser, options, args=None): if args: print_sub_help(parser, 'docs') return -1 plugin_docs(parser, options, args)
def _get_openmdao_parser(): """Sets up the plugin arg parser and all of its subcommand parsers.""" top_parser = ArgumentParser() subparsers = top_parser.add_subparsers(title='commands') parser = subparsers.add_parser('list_testhosts', help='list hosts in testhosts config file') parser.add_argument("-c", "--config", action='store', dest='cfg', metavar='CONFIG', default=get_cfg_file(), help="Path of config file where info for remote testing/building hosts is located.") parser.add_argument("--filter", action='append', dest='filters', default=[], help="boolean expression to filter hosts") parser.add_argument("--host", action='append', dest='hosts', metavar='HOST', default=[], help="Select host from config file to run on. " "To run on multiple hosts, use multiple --host args.") parser.add_argument("--all", action="store_true", dest='allhosts', help="Use all hosts found in testhosts.cfg file.") parser.set_defaults(func=list_testhosts) parser = subparsers.add_parser('docs', help='view the docs') parser.add_argument('plugin_dist_name', nargs='?', help='name of plugin distribution or class') parser.add_argument("-b", "--browser", action="store", type=str, dest='browser', choices=webbrowser._browsers.keys(), help="browser name") parser.set_defaults(func=openmdao_docs) parser = subparsers.add_parser('test', add_help=False, description="run the OpenMDAO test suite") parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', help='display test progress') parser.add_argument('--skip-gui', action='store_true', help='skip GUI functional tests') parser.add_argument('packages', metavar='package', type=str, nargs='*', help='package to be tested') parser.set_defaults(func=test_openmdao) # the following subcommands will only be available in a dev build, because # openmdao.devtools is not part of a normal OpenMDAO release try: # these commands will only be available on windows machines if pywin32 is available import fabric from openmdao.devtools.push_docs import push_docs from openmdao.devtools.remotetst import test_branch from openmdao.devtools.remote_cfg import add_config_options parser = subparsers.add_parser('test_branch', help='run tests on remote machines') parser.add_argument("-k","--keep", action="store_true", dest='keep', help="Don't delete the temporary build directory. " "If testing on EC2, stop the instance instead of terminating it.") parser.add_argument("-f","--file", action="store", type=str, dest='fname', help="Pathname of a tarfile or URL of a git repo. " "Defaults to the current repo.") parser.add_argument("-b","--branch", action="store", type=str, dest='branch', help="If file is a git repo, supply branch name here") parser.add_argument("--testargs", action="store", type=str, dest='testargs', default='', help="args to be passed to openmdao test") parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', help='display test progress') parser.add_argument('--skip-gui', action='store_true', help='skip GUI functional tests') parser = add_config_options(parser) parser.set_defaults(func=test_branch) parser = subparsers.add_parser('push_docs', help='push the dev docs up to the server') parser.add_argument('host', help='host to push docs to') parser.add_argument("-d", "--destination", action="store", type=str, dest="docdir", default='downloads', help="directory where dev_docs directory will be placed") parser.add_argument("-n", "--nodocbuild", action="store_true", dest="nodocbuild", help="Used for testing. The docs will not be rebuilt if they already exist.") parser.set_defaults(func=push_docs) except ImportError: pass try: from openmdao.devtools.build_docs import build_docs, test_docs parser = subparsers.add_parser('build_docs', help='build OpenMDAO docs') parser.add_argument("-v", "--version", action="store", type=str, dest="version", help="the OpenMDAO version") parser.set_defaults(func=build_docs) parser = subparsers.add_parser('test_docs', help='run tests on the OpenMDAO docs') parser.set_defaults(func=test_docs) except ImportError: pass try: from openmdao.lib.architectures.mdao_test_suite import cli_arch_test_suite parser = subparsers.add_parser('test_arch', help='run the MDAO architecture test suite') parser.set_defaults(func=cli_arch_test_suite) parser.add_argument("-ea","--exclude_arch",action="store",type=str, nargs="+", dest="excl_arch", help="Architectures class names to exclude from the test run.", default=[],metavar="arch_class_name") parser.add_argument("-ia","--include_arch",action="store",type=str, nargs="+", dest="inc_arch", help="Architectures class names to include in the test run.", default=[],metavar="arch_class_name") parser.add_argument("-ip","--include_prob",action="store",type=str, nargs="+", dest="inc_prob", help="OptProblems class names to include in the test run.", default=[],metavar="prob_class_name") parser.add_argument("-ep","--exclude_prob",action="store",type=str, nargs="+", dest="excl_prob", help="OptProblems class names to exclude from the test run.", default=[],metavar="prob_class_name") except ImportError: pass # the following subcommands will only be available in a gui build try: import openmdao.gui.omg as gui parser = subparsers.add_parser('gui', help='launch the graphical user interface') # I'd like to do this but argparse doesn't have this signature #parser = subparsers.add_parser('gui', gui.get_argument_parser()) # so I'll just copy and paste from openmdao.gui.omg :( parser.add_argument("-p","--port", type=int, dest="port", default=0, help="port to run server on (defaults to any available port)") parser.add_argument("-b","--browser", dest="browser", default="chrome", help="preferred browser") parser.add_argument("-s","--server", action="store_true", dest="serveronly", help="don't launch browser, just run server") parser.add_argument("-r","--reset", action="store_true", dest="reset", help="reset project database") parser.add_argument("-d","--dev", action="store_true", dest="development", help="enable development options") parser.set_defaults( except ImportError: pass return top_parser
[docs]def openmdao(): parser = _get_openmdao_parser() options, args = parser.parse_known_args() sys.exit(options.func(parser, options, args))
if __name__ == '__main__': openmdao()
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