Package openmdao.test

This package contains classes and modules that are used to test openmdao.

Routines to support testing with cluster allocation.

openmdao.test.cluster.init_cluster(encrypted=True, clean_dir=True, allow_shell=False)[source]

If not already done, initializes the ResourceAllocationManager and adds a cluster using encrypted or unencrypted communication. Returns the name of the configured cluster.


Return True if this user has an authorized key for this machine.

class openmdao.test.execcomp.ExecComp(exprs=[])[source]

Bases: openmdao.main.component.Component

Given a list of assignment statements, this component creates input and output I/O traits at construction time. All variables appearing on the left hand side of the assignments are outputs and the rest are inputs. All variables are assumed to be of type Float.


openmdao.test.testing.filter_config(hostlist, config, options)[source]

Looks for sections in the config file that match the host names specified in options.hosts.

Returns a list of host names that match the given options.


Reads the config file specified in options.cfg.

Returns a tuple of the form (hosts, config), where hosts is the list of host names and config is the ConfigParser object for the config file.


This function is exported as a script that is runnable as part of an OpenMDAO virtual environment as openmdao test.

This function wraps nosetests, so any valid nose args should also work here.

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