Source code for openmdao.lib.drivers.simplecid

""" A simple driver that runs cases from a CaseIterator and records them
with a CaseRecorder """

# pylint: disable-msg=E0611,F0401
from openmdao.main.api import Driver
from openmdao.main.interfaces import ICaseIterator, ICaseRecorder
from openmdao.lib.datatypes.api import Instance

testdict = {}

[docs]class SimpleCaseIterDriver(Driver): """ A Driver that sequentially runs a set of cases provided by an :class:`ICaseIterator` and records the results in a :class:`CaseRecorder`. This is intended for test cases or very simple models only. For a more full-featured Driver with similar functionality, see :class:`CaseIteratorDriver`. - The `iterator` socket provides the cases to be evaluated. - The `recorder` socket is used to record results. For each case coming from the `iterator`, the workflow will be executed once. """ # pylint: disable-msg=E1101 iterator = Instance(ICaseIterator, desc='Source of Cases.', required=True) def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(SimpleCaseIterDriver, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) self._iter = None # Set to None when iterator is empty. self.on_trait_change(self._iterator_modified, 'iterator') def _iterator_modified(self, obj, name, value): self._call_execute = True def _pre_execute(self, force=False): super(SimpleCaseIterDriver, self)._pre_execute(force)
[docs] def execute(self): """ Run each case in `iterator` and record results in `recorder`. """ for case in self.iterator.get_iter(): self._run_case(case) self.recorder.record(case)
def _run_case(self, case): msg = None case.parent_uuid = self._case_id case.apply_inputs(self.parent) try: except Exception as err: msg = str(err) try: case.update_outputs(self.parent, msg) except Exception as err: case.msg = msg + " : " + str(err)
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