Source code for openmdao.lib.drivers.iterate

A simple iteration driver. Basically runs a workflow, passing the output
to the input for the next iteration. Relative change and number of iterations
are used as termination criteria.

# pylint: disable-msg=E0611,F0401
from numpy import zeros

from openmdao.lib.datatypes.api import Float, Int, Str
from openmdao.main.api import Driver
from openmdao.util.decorators import add_delegate
from openmdao.main.hasstopcond import HasStopConditions
from openmdao.main.expreval import ExprEvaluator
from openmdao.main.exceptions import RunStopped

[docs]class FixedPointIterator(Driver): """ A simple fixed point iteration driver, which runs a workflow and passes the value from the output to the input for the next iteration. Relative change and number of iterations are used as termination criterea.""" # pylint: disable-msg=E1101 x_out = Str(iotype='in', desc='loop output to pass to input.') x_in = Str(iotype='out', desc='loop input, taken from the input.') max_iteration = Int(25, iotype='in', desc='Maximum number of ' 'iterations before termination.') tolerance = Float(0.00001, iotype='in', desc='Absolute convergence ' 'tolerance between iterations.') def __init__(self, doc=None): super(FixedPointIterator, self).__init__(doc) self.history = zeros(0) self.current_iteration = 0 self._x_out_expr = None self._x_in_expr = None def _x_out_changed(self, oldval, newval): self._x_out_expr = ExprEvaluator(newval, scope=self) def _x_in_changed(self, oldval, newval): self._x_in_expr = ExprEvaluator(newval, scope=self)
[docs] def execute(self): """Perform the iteration.""" # perform an initial run for self-consistency self.run_iteration() self.current_iteration = 0 history = zeros(self.max_iteration) history[0] = self._x_out_expr.evaluate() unconverged = True while unconverged: if self._stop: self.raise_exception('Stop requested', RunStopped) # check max iteration if self.current_iteration >= self.max_iteration-1: self.history = history[:self.current_iteration+1] self.raise_exception('Max iterations exceeded without ' + \ 'convergence.', RuntimeError) # Pass output to input val0 = history[self.current_iteration] self._x_in_expr.set(val0) # run the workflow self.run_iteration() self.current_iteration += 1 # check convergence history[self.current_iteration] = self._x_out_expr.evaluate() val1 = history[self.current_iteration] if abs(val1-val0) < self.tolerance: break # relative tolerance -- problematic around 0 #if abs( (val1-val0)/val0 ) < self.tolerance: # break self.history = history[:self.current_iteration+1]
[docs]class IterateUntil(Driver): max_iterations = Int(10,iotype="in", desc="maximun number of iterations") iteration = Int(0,iotype="out",desc="current iteration counter")
[docs] def start_iteration(self): self.iterations = 0
[docs] def continue_iteration(self): if self.should_stop(): return False if self.iteration < self.max_iterations: self.iteration += 1 #print "iteration: ",self.iteration return True return False # End
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