Source code for openmdao.lib.datatypes.enum

Trait for enumerations, with optional alias list.

#public symbols
__all__ = ["Enum"]

# pylint: disable-msg=E0611,F0401
from enthought.traits.api import Enum as TraitEnum
from enthought.traits.api import TraitError

from openmdao.main.variable import Variable

[docs]class Enum(Variable): """A variable wrapper for an enumeration, which is a variable that can assume one value from a set of specified values. """ def __init__(self, default_value=None, values=(), iotype=None, aliases=(), desc=None, **metadata): # Allow some variant constructors (no default, no index) if not values: if default_value is None: raise TraitError("Enum must contain at least one value.") else: values = default_value if isinstance(values, tuple) or \ isinstance(values, list): default_value = values[0] else: if default_value is None: default_value = values[0] # We need tuples or a list for the index if not ( isinstance(values, tuple) or \ isinstance(values, list) ): values = (values,) if aliases: if not ( isinstance(aliases, tuple) or \ isinstance(aliases, list) ): aliases = (aliases,) if len(aliases) != len(values): raise TraitError("Length of aliases does not match " + \ "length of values.") if default_value not in values: raise TraitError("Default value not in values.") self._validator = TraitEnum(default_value, values, **metadata) # Put iotype in the metadata dictionary if iotype is not None: metadata['iotype'] = iotype # Put desc in the metadata dictionary if desc is not None: metadata['desc'] = desc # Put values in the metadata dictionary if values: metadata['values'] = values # Put aliases in the metadata dictionary if aliases: metadata['aliases'] = aliases super(Enum, self).__init__(default_value=default_value, **metadata)
[docs] def validate(self, obj, name, value): """ Validates that a specified value is valid for this trait.""" try: return self._validator.validate(obj, name, value) except TraitError: self.error(obj, name, value)
[docs] def error(self, obj, name, value): """Returns a general error string for Enum.""" # pylint: disable-msg=E1101 vtype = type( value ) if value not in self.values: info = str(self.values) msg = "Trait '%s' must be in %s, " % (name, info) + \ "but a value of %s %s was specified." % (value, vtype) else: msg = "Unknown error while setting trait '%s';" % (name) +\ "a value of %s %s was specified." % (value, vtype) obj.raise_exception(msg, TraitError)
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