Source code for openmdao.lib.components.nastran.nastran_util

"""Defines helpful functions that are used in conjunction with
import re

# we have to replace the old_string and it's entire block
# with the new string in the same block
[docs]def nastran_replace_inline(big_string, old_string, new_string): """Find a string and replace it with another in one big string. In ``big_string`` (probably a line), find ``old_string`` and replace it with ``new_string``. Because a lot of Nastran is based on 8-character blocks, this will find the 8-character block currently occupied by ``old_string`` and replace that entire block with ``new_string``. big_string, old_string, new_string: str """ index = big_string.find(old_string) block = index / 8 return big_string[:8*block] + new_string.ljust(8) + \ big_string[8*block+8:]
[docs]def stringify(thing, length=8): """Convert ``thing`` to a string of a certain length. This function tries to make the best use of space. For integers and floaters, it will try to get the most signicant digits while staying within ``length``. For everything else, we just try to stick in a string. thing: anything What we want to convert to a string. """ if len(str(thing)) <= length: return str(thing) # okay, if the number is more than # 8 characters, we are treating it as a float # which, for nastran, means it MUST have a # decimal point. (lord knows why) # it best be a number if .01 <= abs(thing) < 1: return re.sub("0[.]", ".", str(thing))[:(length-1)] # we need to make sure to include the dot at the # end, in order to make it a float if -(10 ** (length-2)) < thing < -1 or 1 < thing < 10 ** (length-1): maybe = str(thing)[:length-1] if "." in maybe: return str(thing)[:length] else: return str(thing)[:length-1] + "." for i in range(length-4, 0, -1): myformat = "%." + str(i) + "e" possible = (myformat % thing).replace("e-0", "-").replace("e+0", "+") possible = possible.replace("e", "") if len(possible) <= length: return possible raise RuntimeError("Unable to reduce " + str(thing) + \ " to " + str(length) + " characters wide." + \ " If it's not a integer of a float, and just" + \ " some string that is too long, then this" + \ " function will not help you.")
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