Source code for openmdao.lib.components.nastran.nastran_replacer

"""Defines NastranReplacer, an object which provides a
crude and simple search and replace function."""
import re

from nastran_util import stringify, nastran_replace_inline

variable_match = re.compile("%([*\w]+)")

[docs]class NastranReplacer(object): """A kind of dummy object that just replaces variables in a text with their corresponding values.""" def __init__(self, text): """Give it the text. text: [str] The strings should be the individual lines without the newline """ self.text = text
[docs] def replace(self, input_variables): """ Replace the ``input_variables`` in the text with the corresponding values. input_variables: {variable_name: value} We want to replace the instances of ``variable_name`` with a value. ``variable_name`` should be a string; ``value`` should be a stringafiable object. Note that although the actual variables are specified, like ``%varname`` in the Nastran file, the variable name here should just be ``varname``. Changes ``self.text``. Running this twice should probably error out since it wouldn't find the variables it was meant to replace. """ # should be an array of lines nastran_text = self.text # we want all the variables in the nastran text all_variables = set() for line in nastran_text: matches = re.findall(variable_match, line) for match in matches: if match in all_variables: # This should be given to the user... but # maybe not in stdout print "There is a duplicate variable called", match print "They will get the same value" all_variables.add(match) # make sure we have all the variables that are declared # in the file extras = all_variables.difference(input_variables.keys()) if len(extras) > 0: raise ValueError("There are variables in the file that aren't " +\ "provided as input variables: " + \ str(extras)) not_used = set(input_variables.keys()).difference(all_variables) if len(not_used) > 0: # we really want to be logging this to DEBUG, or equiv print "Hey, just a heads up. You are passing in variables " +\ "that are not being replaced because they are not " +\ "in the file. This could indicate that you made a " +\ "mistake, or not. The offending variables are: " + \ str(not_used) new_nastran_text = [] for line in nastran_text: new_nastran_text.append(line[:]) matches = re.findall(variable_match, line) for match in matches: # If the variable starts with ``*'', we will not # simply replace the 8 character block, but we # will just overwrite the location of the variable if match.startswith("*"): value = str(input_variables[match]) if len(value) < (len(match) + 1): value = value.ljust(len(match)+1) start_pos = new_nastran_text[-1].find("%" + match) end_pos = start_pos + len(value) # exclusive new_nastran_text[-1] = new_nastran_text[-1][:start_pos] + \ value + \ new_nastran_text[-1][end_pos:] #print "replacing", match, new_nastran_text, line else: new_nastran_text[-1] = \ nastran_replace_inline(new_nastran_text[-1],\ "%" + match, \ stringify(input_variables[match])) self.text = new_nastran_text
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