Source code for openmdao.util.view_docs

import sys

[docs]def view_docs(browser=None): """A script (``openmdao_docs``) points to this. It just pops up a browser to view the openmdao Sphinx docs. If the docs are not already built, it builds them before viewing; but if the docs already exist, it's not smart enough to rebuild them if they've changed since the last build. If this is run from a non-developer install, i.e., there is no local copy of the docs, it just looks for the docs on the ```` website. """ if not browser: for arg in sys.argv: if arg.startswith('--browser='): browser = arg.split('=')[-1].strip() try: import openmdao.devtools.build_docs except ImportError: # look for docs online import openmdao.util.releaseinfo version = openmdao.util.releaseinfo.__version__ idxpath = '' % version import webbrowser wb = webbrowser.get(browser) else: openmdao.devtools.build_docs.view_docs(browser)
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