Open Source (OS) Licenses in OpenMDAOΒΆ

The following table provides a list of the eggs that are currently being used by the OpenMDAO framework and the license information for each egg. The first column in the table displays the name of the egg, and the second column provides the kind of open-source license attached to the egg. The third column contains a link to information about the egg (e.g., version, description, features, downloadable file).

Distribs Used by OpenMDAO License Link
axod public domain UNKNOWN
conmin public domain
docutils public domain, Python, BSD, GPL (see COPYING.txt)
Jinja2 BSD
networkx BSD
numpy BSD
openmdao.lib NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3
openmdao.main NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3
openmdao.units CeCILL-C
openmdao.util NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3
pycrypto UNKNOWN
Pyevolve PSF
Pygments BSD License
pyparsing MIT License
setuptools PSF or ZPL
Sphinx BSD
Traits BSD
virtualenv MIT
zc.buildout ZPL 2.1
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