Working on Your Branch

You must run python from the top directory of your branch before you’ll be able to execute OpenMDAO in any way. Running populates your virtual python environment with all of the packages that OpenMDAO depends upon. and installs the openmdao namespace packages in your virtual python environment as ‘develop’ eggs so that you can make changes to the source code and immediately see the results. You can also view the OpenMDAO Sphinx documentation, by typing bin/openmdao_docs.

After you virtual python environment has been activated, by running either source bin/activate on linux or OS X, or by running Scripts\activate.bat on Windows, you can add new packages you need to the environment by using easy_install or pip in the same manner that you would add packages to the system level python. If you make doc changes and need to rebuild the docs, you can run openmdao_build_docs.

Adding New Source Files

If you create new files or directories that you want to be part of OpenMDAO, you must add them to your repository by running the command:

bzr add <filename>

If <filename> is a directory, all files within the directory will also be added to the repository, unless they match any of the patterns in the .bzrignore file located in the top level directory of the branch. To add a new pattern for Bazaar to ignore, type:

bzr ignore <pattern>

where <pattern> can be a filename or a wildcard expression, e.g., *.exe.

If you add a file or directory to the repository by mistake, type:

bzr remove <filename> --keep

This will remove the file from the repository but will not delete it.

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