Accessing OpenMDAO Code on Launchpad (Windows)

If you are behind a proxy (this applies to GRC team members), you must create SSH keys for each platform you want to use before you can push a branch to Launchpad. If you are not behind a proxy, you may omit this step.

These instructions assume that you already have a Launchpad account. If you do not, please go to and register for an account. Go ahead and log in to your Launchpad account, since you will need to be logged in to register your key.

Creating Your Key on Windows

Windows (PuTTY)

People at GRC should follow these directions; however, omit Step #1 since the PuTTY Key Generator is already installed.

  1. Download the PuTTY Key Generator from here:

  2. Go to Putty and run puttygen.exe.

    For GRC users, go to your (C:) drive, double-click on the Putty folder, and double-click on puttygen to bring up the Putty Key Generator.

  3. Click on the Generate button. You must move your mouse around in the blank area, so PuTTYGen knows there is a human behind the request.

  4. Leave the Key passphrase and Confirmation passphrase boxs blank. Click Save public key and choose a location to save it.

  5. Click Save private key. When asked whether you are sure you want to save the key without a passphrase, click yes and save it to a secure location.

  6. Keep your Puttygen window open and copy the public key from it. (You need to register the key with Launchpad.)

  7. Run/install Pageant as either a standalone .exe or as part of the entire putty package.

    GRC users should have Pageant on their (C:) drive. Double-click on it to run it.

  8. Make sure Pageant is running and right-click on the icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

  9. Select the Add Key option. (This step is crucial if you want to connect to Launchpad from a Windows PC.)

    You can now register your key.


Follow the steps below if you wish to use Pageant under Cygwin.

Cygwin/Windows (PuTTY)

  1. Follow the procedure in the Windows-(PuTTY) section.
  2. Add BZR_SSH as an environment variable with the value plink.
  3. Close all existing bash terminals and open a new terminal.
  4. Run plink and accept yes to store the server’s host key.

Registering the key with Launchpad

You need to register and upload the public portion of your SSH key to Launchpad.

  1. Go to your SSH keys page.
  2. Paste your public key into the text box and then click the Import Public Key button (below the text box) to continue.

Notifying Launchpad of Your Userid

You need to provide Launchpad with your userid before you can merge from openmdao to your branch or push a branch back to openmdao. In your home directory on your Windows machine, type:

bzr launchpad-login userid


If you do not know your userid, log in to Launchpad and click on your name in the upper right-hand corner. This takes you to an Overview page. In the first column, under User Information, you should see OpenID login. The hyphenated name in the web address is your userid (e.g., john-j-smith).

Pulling a Branch from Launchpad

If you wish to pull a branch from openmdao, from your home directory, type:

bzr branch lp:openmdao branchname

Push a Branch to Launchpad

Pageant must be running before you can merge to your branch or push it to Launchpad. Please see the instructions for the Linux machine on Pushing a Branch Back to Launchpad. If you have a conflict, please see Resolving Conflicts in the Bazaar User Guide.