Source code for openmdao.util.mdo

Math related utility functions used by OpenMDAO.

from __future__ import division

from random import shuffle

from numpy import zeros

[docs]def rand_latin_hypercube(n, k, edges=False): """ Calculates a random latin hypercube set of n points in k dimensions within [0,1]^k hypercube. n : int Desired number of points. k : int Number of design variables (dimensions). edges : bool, optional if Edges=True, the extreme bins will have their centres on the edges of the domain; otherwise the bins will be entirely contained within the domain (default setting). Returns an n by k numpy array. """ #generate nxk array of random numbers from the list of range(n) choices X = zeros((n, k)) row = range(1, n+1) for i in range(k): shuffle(row) X[:,i] = row if edges: X = (X-1.0)/float((n-1)) else: X = (X-.5)/float(n) return X
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