Source code for openmdao.util.eggwriter

Write Python egg files, either directly or via :mod:`setuptools`.
Supports what's needed for saving and loading components/simulations.

- `name` must be an alphanumeric string.
- `version` must be an alphanumeric string.
- `doc` is used for the `Summary` and `Description` entries in the egg's \
- `entry_map` is a :mod:`pkg_resources` :class:`EntryPoint` map: a dictionary \
  mapping group names to dictionaries mapping entry point names to \
  :class:`EntryPoint` objects.
- `src_files` is a list of non-Python files to include.
- `distributions` is a list of distributions this egg depends on.  It is \
  used for the `Requires` entry in the egg's metadata.
- `modules` is a list of modules not found in a distribution that this egg \
  depends on.  It is used for the `Requires` entry in the egg's metadata and \
  is also recorded in the 'openmdao_orphans.txt' resource.
- `dst_dir` is the directory to write the egg to.
- `logger` is the Logger object to use. 
- `observer` will be called via an :class:`EggObserver` intermediary.

import copy
import os.path
import pkg_resources
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import time
import zipfile

from openmdao.util import eggobserver
from openmdao.util.testutil import find_python

__all__ = ('egg_filename', 'write', 'write_via_setuptools')

# Legal egg strings.
_EGG_NAME_RE = re.compile('[a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*')

[docs]def egg_filename(name, version): """ Returns name for egg file as generated by :mod:`setuptools`. """ assert name and isinstance(name, basestring) match = if match is None or != name: raise ValueError('Egg name must be alphanumeric') assert version and isinstance(version, basestring) match = if match is None or != version: raise ValueError('Egg version must be alphanumeric') name = pkg_resources.to_filename(pkg_resources.safe_name(name)) version = pkg_resources.to_filename(pkg_resources.safe_version(version)) return '%s-%s-py%s.egg' % (name, version, sys.version[:3])
[docs]def write(name, version, doc, entry_map, src_files, distributions, modules, dst_dir, logger, observer=None, compress=True): """ Write egg in the manner of :mod:`setuptools`, with some differences: - Writes directly to the zip file, avoiding some intermediate copies. - Doesn't compile any Python modules. Returns the egg's filename. """ observer = eggobserver.EggObserver(observer, logger) egg_name = egg_filename(name, version) egg_path = os.path.join(dst_dir, egg_name) distributions = sorted(distributions, key=lambda dist: dist.project_name) modules = sorted(modules) sources = [] files = [] size = 0 # Approximate (uncompressed) size. Used to set allowZip64 flag. # Collect src_files. for path in src_files: path = os.path.join(name, path) files.append(path) size += os.path.getsize(path) # Collect Python modules. for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk('.', followlinks=True): dirs = copy.copy(dirnames) for path in dirs: if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(dirpath, path, '')): dirnames.remove(path) for path in filenames: if path.endswith('.py'): path = os.path.join(dirpath[2:], path) # Skip leading './' files.append(path) size += os.path.getsize(path) sources.append(path) # Package info -> EGG-INFO/PKG-INFO pkg_info = [] pkg_info.append('Metadata-Version: 1.1') pkg_info.append('Name: %s' % pkg_resources.safe_name(name)) pkg_info.append('Version: %s' % pkg_resources.safe_version(version)) pkg_info.append('Summary: %s' % doc.strip().split('\n')[0]) pkg_info.append('Description: %s' % doc.strip()) pkg_info.append('Author-email: UNKNOWN') pkg_info.append('License: UNKNOWN') pkg_info.append('Platform: UNKNOWN') for dist in distributions: pkg_info.append('Requires: %s (%s)' % (dist.project_name, dist.version)) for module in modules: pkg_info.append('Requires: %s' % module) pkg_info = '\n'.join(pkg_info)+'\n' sources.append(name+'.egg-info/PKG-INFO') size += len(pkg_info) # Dependency links -> EGG-INFO/dependency_links.txt dependency_links = '\n' sources.append(name+'.egg-info/dependency_links.txt') size += len(dependency_links) # Entry points -> EGG-INFO/entry_points.txt entry_points = [] for entry_group in sorted(entry_map.keys()): entry_points.append('[%s]' % entry_group) for entry_name in sorted(entry_map[entry_group].keys()): entry_points.append('%s' % entry_map[entry_group][entry_name]) entry_points.append('') entry_points = '\n'.join(entry_points)+'\n' sources.append(name+'.egg-info/entry_points.txt') size += len(entry_points) # Unsafe -> EGG-INFO/not-zip-safe not_zip_safe = '\n' sources.append(name+'.egg-info/not-zip-safe') size += len(not_zip_safe) # Requirements -> EGG-INFO/requires.txt requirements = [str(dist.as_requirement()) for dist in distributions] requirements = '\n'.join(requirements)+'\n' sources.append(name+'.egg-info/requires.txt') size += len(requirements) # Modules not part of a distribution -> EGG-INFO/openmdao_orphans.txt orphans = '\n'.join(modules)+'\n' sources.append(name+'.egg-info/openmdao_orphans.txt') size += len(orphans) # Top-level names -> EGG-INFO/top_level.txt top_level = '%s\n' % name sources.append(name+'.egg-info/top_level.txt') size += len(top_level) # Manifest -> EGG-INFO/SOURCES.txt sources.append(name+'.egg-info/SOURCES.txt') sources = '\n'.join(sorted(sources))+'\n' size += len(sources) # Open zipfile. logger.debug('Creating %s', egg_path) zip64 = size > zipfile.ZIP64_LIMIT compression = zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED if compress else zipfile.ZIP_STORED egg = zipfile.ZipFile(egg_path, 'w', compression, zip64) stats = {'completed_files': 0., 'total_files': float(8+len(files)), 'completed_bytes': 0., 'total_bytes': float(size)} # Write egg info. _write_info(egg, 'PKG-INFO', pkg_info, observer, stats) _write_info(egg, 'dependency_links.txt', dependency_links, observer, stats) _write_info(egg, 'entry_points.txt', entry_points, observer, stats) _write_info(egg, 'not-zip-safe', not_zip_safe, observer, stats) _write_info(egg, 'requires.txt', requirements, observer, stats) _write_info(egg, 'openmdao_orphans.txt', orphans, observer, stats) _write_info(egg, 'top_level.txt', top_level, observer, stats) _write_info(egg, 'SOURCES.txt', sources, observer, stats) # Write collected files. for path in sorted(files): _write_file(egg, path, observer, stats) observer.complete(egg_name) egg.close() if os.path.getsize(egg_path) > zipfile.ZIP64_LIMIT: logger.warning('Egg zipfile requires Zip64 support to unzip.') return egg_name
def _write_info(egg, name, info, observer, stats): """ Write info string to egg. """ path = os.path.join('EGG-INFO', name) observer.add(path, stats['completed_files'] / stats['total_files'], stats['completed_bytes'] / stats['total_bytes']) egg.writestr(path, info) stats['completed_files'] += 1 stats['completed_bytes'] += len(info) def _write_file(egg, path, observer, stats): """ Write file to egg. """ observer.add(path, stats['completed_files'] / stats['total_files'], stats['completed_bytes'] / stats['total_bytes']) egg.write(path) stats['completed_files'] += 1 stats['completed_bytes'] += os.path.getsize(path)
[docs]def write_via_setuptools(name, version, doc, entry_map, src_files, distributions, modules, dst_dir, logger, observer): """ Write an egg via :mod:`setuptools`. Returns the egg's filename. """ observer = eggobserver.EggObserver(observer, logger) egg_name = egg_filename(name, version) _write_setup_py(name, version, doc, entry_map, src_files, distributions, modules, observer) # TODO: parse process output and relay to observer. observer.add('write-via-setuptools', 0, 0) # Find OpenMDAO python command. python = find_python() # Use environment since 'python' might not recognize '-u'. env = os.environ.copy() env['PYTHONUNBUFFERED'] = '1' logger.debug('using %s', python) proc = subprocess.Popen([python, '', 'bdist_egg', '-d', dst_dir], env=env, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT) output = [] while proc.returncode is None: line = proc.stdout.readline() if line: line = line.rstrip() logger.debug(' '+line) output.append(line) time.sleep(0.1) proc.poll() line = proc.stdout.readline() while line: line = line.rstrip() logger.debug(' '+line) output.append(line) line = proc.stdout.readline() if proc.returncode != 0: for line in output: logger.error(' '+line) msg = 'save_to_egg failed due to error %d' % proc.returncode observer.exception(msg) raise RuntimeError(msg) observer.complete(egg_name) return egg_name
def _write_setup_py(name, version, doc, entry_map, src_files, distributions, modules, observer): """ Write file for installation later. """ out = open('', 'w') out.write('import setuptools\n') out.write('\npackage_files = [\n') for filename in sorted(src_files): path = os.path.join(name, filename) if not os.path.exists(path): msg = "Can't save, '%s' does not exist" % path observer.exception(msg) raise ValueError(msg) out.write(" '%s',\n" % filename.replace('\\', '/')) out.write(']\n') out.write('\nrequirements = [\n') for dist in sorted(distributions, key=lambda dist: dist.project_name): out.write(" '%s',\n" % dist.as_requirement()) out.write(']\n') # Required modules not found in a distribution. out.write('\nopenmdao_orphans = [\n') for module in sorted(modules): out.write(" '%s',\n" % module) out.write(']\n') out.write("\nentry_points = {\n") for entry_group in sorted(entry_map.keys()): out.write(" '%s': [\n" % entry_group) for entry_name in sorted(entry_map[entry_group].keys()): out.write(" '%s',\n" % entry_map[entry_group][entry_name]) out.write(" ],\n") out.write(" 'distutils.setup_keywords': [\n") out.write(" 'openmdao_orphans = setuptools.dist:assert_string_list',\n") out.write(" ],\n") out.write(" 'egg_info.writers': [\n") out.write(" 'openmdao_orphans.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:write_arg',\n") out.write(" ],\n") out.write("}\n") if not [entry_point for entry_point in pkg_resources.iter_entry_points('distutils.setup_keywords', 'openmdao_orphans')]: out.write(""" # Hack to get 'dynamically' added keyword handlers to actually work # from a blank slate. Basically, setuptools requires pkg_resources to # have entry points defined for the entry points we want to define ;-( # An alternative is to run setup twice, with the result of the first # run providing pkg_resources with entry points to be used by the second # run (and ignoring warnings about bad keywords in the first run). import os.path import setuptools.dist import setuptools.command.egg_info orig_init = setuptools.dist.Distribution.__init__ orig_finalize = setuptools.dist.Distribution.finalize_options orig_run = def patched_init(self, attrs=None): ''' Add attribute so we are allowed to use the keyword. ''' setattr(self, 'openmdao_orphans', None) orig_init(self, attrs) def patched_finalize(self): ''' Run dynamic keyword handler. ''' orig_finalize(self) name = 'openmdao_orphans' value = getattr(self, name, None) if value is not None: setuptools.dist.assert_string_list(self, name, value) def patched_run(self): ''' Run dynamic keyword writer. ''' orig_run(self) name = 'openmdao_orphans.txt' setuptools.command.egg_info.write_arg(self, name, os.path.join(self.egg_info, name)) self.find_sources() setuptools.dist.Distribution.__init__ = patched_init setuptools.dist.Distribution.finalize_options = patched_finalize = patched_run """) out.write(""" setuptools.setup( name='%(name)s', version='%(version)s', description='%(summary)s', long_description='''%(desc)s''', packages=setuptools.find_packages(), package_data={'%(name)s': package_files}, zip_safe=False, install_requires=requirements, entry_points=entry_points, openmdao_orphans=openmdao_orphans, ) """ % {'name': name, 'version': version, 'summary': doc.strip().split('\n')[0], 'desc': doc.strip()}) out.close()
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