Is there a way to use the driver.add_parameter('value', low=.., high=..) function and specify different high and low values for different parameters of the 'value' array? I can only use it if there is a single low and high value specified for all the parameters.

asked 27 Jul '15, 17:06

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You can give an array for hi or low and it should work. Syntax is like:

self.driver.add_parameter('comp.x', low=np.array([-10.0, -7.0, -3.14])

The shape of the array you give low or high must match the shape of the data in the variable.


answered 27 Jul '15, 17:43

Kenneth%20T%20Moore's gravatar image

Kenneth T Moore ♦

Is this for all versions of OpenMDAO? I'm using 10.3.2 and it is not working because it said that my parameter cannot be reconfigured because 'low' was not specified as a scalar.

(29 Jul '15, 13:32) ebtingey ebtingey's gravatar image

It's been in there for a long time, so it should be for most versions. Can you paste the traceback into a post?

(29 Jul '15, 13:36) Kenneth T Moore ♦ Kenneth%20T%20Moore's gravatar image

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/Users/ning1/Documents/FLORISSE-dev_grads/", line 158, in <module>

File "/Users/ning1/Documents/openmdao-", line 557, in run self.execute()

File "/Users/ning1/Documents/openmdao-", line 769, in execute, case_uuid=self._case_uuid)

File "/Users/ning1/Documents/openmdao-", line 304, in run self.config_parameters()

File "<string>", line 2, in config_parameters

File "/Users/ning1/Documents/openmdao-", line 945, in config_parameters param.configure()

File "/Users/ning1/Documents/openmdao-", line 661, in configure % (self, attr))

RuntimeError: Parameter turbineX can't be reconfigured, 'low' was not specified as a scalar

The parameter is turbineX in this case. is what is being run and myFloris() refers to the assembly for all of the optimizer and variable/parameter information.

(29 Jul '15, 17:59) ebtingey ebtingey's gravatar image

I don't understand what I did differently, since I was able to optimize a small model with the low value set to an array. Can you put together a small script that shows the problem?

(03 Aug '15, 11:14) Kenneth T Moore ♦ Kenneth%20T%20Moore's gravatar image

I believe I have it working now. I changed to version 0.13 and it seems to run fine. I'm not sure what could have been wrong (maybe the installation was bad), but I'll let you know if I run into any more problems. Thanks for your help!

(19 Aug '15, 16:01) ebtingey ebtingey's gravatar image

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