Like nastranwrapper, has anyone developed a wrapper for abaqus ? If not, can anybody suggest me a few hints to run abaqus python scripts through openmdao environment ? I know only moderate levels of python programming.

asked 21 Jul '14, 05:02

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I put the code in a github repo . The user who contributed the code, Thibaut Brosse, warns:

"it doesn’t work with the last version of OpenMDAO (0.10.0). Maybe it is not a big deal to fix that but I tried yesterday and I got an error about the command to launch the bat file…"

I asked him what the errors were but he hasn't replied yet. I know he is in the process of moving so it might be a while before he has time.

Hope this helps!


answered 25 Jul '14, 09:55

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Herb ♦

Thank you very much indeed. I will look it.

(29 Jul '14, 23:50) A_kashyap A_kashyap's gravatar image

Hi Herb,

I tried to run a job. But, the code is failing without any error as well.. Just running without effect.. No error message. It looks like the code is idly running without bothering with batch commands.. My Abaqus script is just fine. I checked it thoroughly by running it independently. Then, I tried to run the wrapper stage by stage. I removed the parsing, input file generator etc and tried to run just the batch file command. I feel thats where some problem is. The python script didnt launch the launcher batch. Apparently, the launcher is not taken by file metadata or ExternalCode.. I am running 0.8.0 version by the way. What could be the problem ?

Thanks -Abhi

(08 Aug '14, 07:09) A_kashyap A_kashyap's gravatar image

I've never used Abaqus, but from the online scripting user's manual, it looks like you would create an Abaqus component that extended ExternalCode. During execute, that component would have to generate a Python script to perform any Abaqus model updates (call it for example), then run:

abaqus cae

as the ExternalCode command line to execute. Then to get the results, create another Python script(call it for example), then run:

abaqus cae

as another ExternalCode command line to execute.

The script would have values based on your Abaqus component's inputs. The script would need to get values for your component's outputs from Abaqus and write them to an output file. Finally, your component would read this file and update the component output values.

This dynamic script generation is likely to be pretty problem-specific, but there may be some code that would be common to anything needing to run Abaqus. You could probably deal with different Abaqus models by supplying template and files and then generate the real files to send to Abaqus using the file generation utilities in OpenMDAO.


answered 21 Jul '14, 14:08

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Thank you ! Right.. I get the tip. I will work it and I might come back here if there need be.

and yes.. This could probably be problem specific. But, since abaqus scripting is in python and there is a way to generate python script from the existing problem that is done via graphical interface, I feel that this might turn out to be something pretty handy for me. Templates.. and file generation utilities...

Thank you.

-- Abhi_Kashyap

(22 Jul '14, 06:42) A_kashyap A_kashyap's gravatar image

Hi Abhi,

We know of a user who wrapped Abaqus. I just sent him an email asking if he is OK with me sending you his code. Stay tuned...

(24 Jul '14, 09:14) Herb ♦ Herb's gravatar image

Thank you very much! Waiting.

(25 Jul '14, 00:11) A_kashyap A_kashyap's gravatar image

Hi Abhi,

Could you send Abaqus files that I can use to test this? I can get some too and try it. Also, what version of Abaqus are you using? I don't know if that makes a difference ( I doubt it ) but it would be good to know.


(08 Aug '14, 08:14) Herb ♦ Herb's gravatar image


I just noticed that Thibaut was also having as problem like this. I sent him an email with a recommended fix. Can you try this ?

From: "Schilling, Herbert W. Subject: Re: Question about your OpenMDAO bug with CSV recorder Date: August 14, 2014 8:21:01 AM EDT To:


Just letting you know I think I know the problem.

Instead of doing something like this

    self.command= ['C:\\openmdao-0.8.0\\launcher.bat']

try this

    self.command= ['cmd.exe', '/c',  'C:\\openmdao-0.8.0\\launcher.bat']

answered 24 Feb '15, 10:57

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Herb ♦

edited 24 Feb '15, 11:35

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kmarstel ♦♦

Hello Herb,

your solution works perfectly. I have forked the project and editted it.

Thank you very much.

(25 Feb '15, 13:44) Leal26 Leal26's gravatar image


I am also an Abaqus user and I was fortunate enough to work with Thibaut Brosse, who developed the code shared by Herb. I have been using the code for my research and I can attest that it does indeed work for versions of OpenMDAO before v0.10. The error we get with higher versions is annexed below. It does not recognize the .bat file although it is in the directory. Any ideas of how to solve this?

Thanks, Pedro

(openmdao- C:\Users\Pedro\.openmdao\gui\projects\Cruise_Optimization>python
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 72, in <module>
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.main-\openmdao\main\", line 557, in run self.execute()
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.main-\openmdao\main\", line 769, in execute, case_uuid=self._case_uuid)
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.main-\openmdao\main\", line 312, in run super(Driver, self).run(ffd_order, case_uuid)
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.main-\openmdao\main\", line 557, in run self.execute()
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.lib-\openmdao\lib\drivers\", line 88, in execute super(DOEdriver, self).execute()
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.lib-\openmdao\lib\drivers\", line 855, in _model_execute
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.main-\openmdao\main\", line 141, in run, case_uuid=case_uuid)
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.main-\openmdao\main\", line 557, in run self.execute()
File "C:\Users\Pedro\.openmdao\gui\projects\Cruise_Optimization\", line 110, in execute super(WrapAbaqus_airfoil, self).execute()
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.lib-\openmdao\lib\components\", line 153, in execute return_code, error_msg = self._execute_local()
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.lib-\openmdao\lib\components\", line 255, in _execute_local ValueError)
File "C:\OpenMDAO\openmdao-\lib\site-packages\openmdao.main-\openmdao\main\", line 1451, in raise_exception raise exception_class(full_msg)
ValueError: wrapabaqus_airfoil (1-wrapabaqus_airfoil): The command to be executed, 'launch_cmd.bat', cannot be found

answered 19 Feb '15, 13:23

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Hello Pedro,

I can take a look

(24 Feb '15, 10:10) Herb ♦ Herb's gravatar image

Hurray! Glad it worked.


answered 25 Feb '15, 13:52

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Herb ♦

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